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PDAgroup enables companies and their people to be prepared for their future. Our consulting, recruiting, training & coaching programs assist channel organisations and their partners to sustainably improve their business. We have been providing our expertise to clients such as SAP SE and their channel partners, guiding them to reach their best performance.


Because of continuous developments in the market and changes in customer behavior, 72% of executives believe that making innovation a current and future strategic priority will lead companies to success.  That is why we provide companies with the power to systematically and successfully innovate and develop market-oriented solutions.

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Recruiting & Onboarding

With a shortage of skilled professionals in the market, the hunt for qualified employees is not only time-consuming but also expensive.   That is why we offer customized trainings and consulting services as well as target-group-specific recruiting platforms to help companies find the right candidates and smoothly integrate them.

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Sales & Marketing

By combining the many years of experience of our diverse group of trainers and experts in IT and channel sales with the best practices and methods from our network of international partners, we help companies overcome the everyday challenges of the quickly changing sales environment with customized training and coaching programs.

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Analytics & Strategy

Today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment poses increasing challenges to companies, forcing them to be fully informed and make targeted, focused investments.  Using analysis tools and workshops, we help companies to discover their strengths and weaknesses and focus on the areas with the greatest potential for the future.

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What customers are saying:

For five years we have had a partnership with PDAgroup. During this time, it has delivered the people, the products and the platforms we have needed to cost-effectively scale our partner enablement which has helped our partners to reach their goals. With PDAgroup’s professional and academic network across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we have been empowered to take innovation to new heights with SAP partners in the Ecosystem & Channels.

Partners who took advantage of our Partner Enablement Network have reported back to us that PDAgroup helps shorten the time needed to generate revenue, boost sales and make deliveries more efficiently. In addition, other benefits include benchmarking software for key business areas like demand generation, closing ratio, sales cycle management and adopting new innovations even faster. In the years to come we will count on PDAgroup’s support to help our partners run better and increase profits.

Raimund Mollenhauer SAP
Senior Director of Partner Enablement, SAP Ecosystem and Channels EMEA

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