Sales Enablement has been gaining increasing attention in the last five years, following recent waves of digitalization. New technologies have transformed market dynamics, making conditions favorable for buyers. It has also become harder for sales people to sell and beat their competitors.

An increasing amount of companies have recognized the need for sales enablement—either consciously or unconsciously—and started leveraging it to gain a competitive advantage. While it has immense potential to increase revenue, each company has its own understanding of sales enablement as a role, function, or department.

Here at PDAgroup, we view sales enablement as empowering sales and marketing teams with the right analytics, content, tools, and training to engage buyers throughout the entire buying cycle. Thus, seamlessly fusing marketing and sales functions to optimize the customer journey.

There is a high likelihood that your company has already begun performing sales enablement activities—with or without even knowing it. Find out if your company has been doing sales enablement the right way using the PDAgroup Sales Enablement Capability Checklist!