What does it take to be a top performer in sales? Are some people born sales professionals? Why are some salespeople much better than others? Selling skills make a huge difference, and they can be learned.

You can have a gift for landing sales – for example, you might be the type who loves to talk in front of people, is very self-confident and able to convince and captivate an audience easily. But you can also learn and develop a basic set of 5 selling skills that will help you become a top performer.

selling skills every sales person must haveKnowledge

The first and most important of the selling skills is knowledge. Every salesperson must have maximum knowledge about the market, industry, and especially the customer and their current business situation. In order to always stay up to date, you should research and read related articles. Following your customers or social media like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn will give you a good idea of what is important to them.

Active Listening

Essential Sales Skills: Active Listening

Active listening ensures that you really understand what your customer wants to tell you. By actively listening, you can uncover real business needs and pain points. If you don’t actively listen, you could be losing many valuable sales opportunities. That is why this is the second of the essential selling skills.


The third is communication. Deliver your messages in a concise and clear way so that they are easy to understand. Expand upon your statements by giving examples and telling stories to create empathy and evoke emotional responses throughout your sales conversations. Doing so will make them more memorable.


The fourth of our essential sales skills is relationships. Customers like doing business with people they know and trust, especially if they feel a sense of friendship. Therefore, building and maintaining successful relationships is key. Social selling is also important to help you build and maintain relationships.


Last but not least, salespeople that use the right tools are more competitive because they can spend more of their time and energy focusing on the right details. By using the right tools, you can more quickly and easily make the right content available to your customers. Accessing real-time data is also essential in today’s fast-paced environment.

Sales Enablement Can Sharpen Your Selling Skills

To find out more about which tools you need for sales or how to hone your selling skills, read why enablement is more effective than training or 3 essential steps to long-term behavior change. You can also find out much more by signing up for our sales enablement whitepaper.

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