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PDAgroup Joins GE Digital in “Fueling the Journey”

On February 6th and 7th, the beautiful city of Lisbon hosted the GE Digital Sales Summit 2019. GE Digital, a subsidiary of the American multinational conglomerate General Electric, organized the event. It was an incredible chance to share best practices, industry insights, and business opportunities. Internal GE Digital executives from all over Europe and the US interacted with partners from Europe and MENAT.

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SAP Next-Gen Consulting: Link universities with the industry

How can you drive innovation from universities to industry? How can you integrate bright young minds into company projects? PDAgroup puts this into practice, through activities such as the SAP initiative Next-Gen Consulting.

In cooperation with the university Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) and the companies Cisco and Hitachi, PDAgroup has organized a consulting project for two motivated student groups that is supported by the SAP Initiative.Read more >

Be More Successful with Industrial Design Thinking, even as a SME

New technologies are changing our everyday life more and more rapidly. In the world of IoT small sensors and processors ensure that devices not only capture useful data but also evaluate it and communicate with each other. This technology shift enables new business models – also for SMEs.Read more >

Big Data: A “Numbers Only” Club?

Big data is almost without fail regarded as massive amounts of commercial data, such as retail purchases, clicks on online advertisements, the time it takes for individual items to be shipped or pretty much anything at all that consumers or businesses do that can be counted.Read more >

Design Thinking: Gain Insights into Each Other’s Departments

Design Thinking can help you learn something new and it facilitates the discovery of an unknown world by offering participants the chance to look at things from different perspectives. In the workplace, this promotes better cooperation within a company and can help team members to become more effective and innovative. To find out what elements make a Design Thinking workshop successful, check out our blog post, 10 Rules for a Successful Design Thinking Workshop.Read more >