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The 4 Most Common Sales Objections And How to Master Them

What would sales be without objections? Pretty easy and boring. It would consist of just one thing: handing the pen to the customer and pointing out where to sign. You might think sales would be better off without objections, but objections are often a good sign.Read more >

3 Key Benefits of Digital Selling in B2B Sales

Digital disruptions have already had an enormous impact on a whole set of business processes. It has also transformed the way customers react to company solicitations in general. Sales is no exception to this revolution which is ushering in a period of unprecedented change and digital selling. Read more >

The Transformation of Cold Calling How to contact leads using LinkedIn in 5 simple steps Part II

Are you curious on how to further increase your social selling tactics using LinkedIn? In our last blogpost, The Transformation of Cold Calling – Part I, we discussed the two first simple steps for success you need to take to contact leads through social selling, by firstly building your own personal brand and secondly creating your target audience and a buying persona. In sequel, get to know the last three hands-on tactics on how to start social selling using LinkedIn.  

Read more >

Please welcome – the Social Buyer!

Social Selling has often been discussed in recent days. But when sellers are becoming more social, isn’t it obvious that buyers are as well? Do you know what it means to you to talk to a social buyer? Here is my round-up of stepping into the shoes of a social buyer. Discover what behaviour and expectations are typical for this new generation of buyers. Read more >

Is Social Selling Really any Different to Traditional Complex B2B Sales?

Let’s face it, success in complex sales involves developing strong relationships to have permission to challenge, inspire and add value to our customers.  From my point of view, nothing has changed, but the opportunity to cultivate relationships and thought leadership to a broader audience. In fact, i’d posit that it’s not the message that’s changed, but the way in which we share it.Read more >

How Do You “Do” Digital Sales?

Millions of articles and videos online inform us about how digitalization is shaking up the business world, so it’s clear that sales is going to have to change to keep pace. But what isn’t clear is how a company is supposed to “do” digital sales. Read more >

Digitalization of Cloud Sales – from IT to BUSINESS

The appearance of disruptive cloud solutions has evoked a paradigm shift in terms of how software is purchased and consumed. Previously, the IT department purchased infrastructure and solutions and the business was forced to use it as provided. Read more >