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Big Data: A “Numbers Only” Club?

Big data is almost without fail regarded as massive amounts of commercial data, such as retail purchases, clicks on online advertisements, the time it takes for individual items to be shipped or pretty much anything at all that consumers or businesses do that can be counted.Read more >

Get Sales & Marketing On the Same Page: 5 Steps to Drive Sales

Companies that are best-in-class at coordinating their marketing and sales teams typically enjoy an average of 20% growth in annual revenue, while “laggard” organizations see a 4% decline according to a 2010 report by Aberdeen Research. But why is coordinating sales and marketing efforts so vital and what are the most important steps to take to do so?Read more >

How to Empower Your Sales Force

Simple jingles or a cool cowboy mascot used to be enough to sell products. But those times have long passed. These days, new competitors emerge to steal shares of the market, decision makers have much higher expectations and customers are often more informed than some salespeople before even setting foot in stores or picking up the phone.Read more >

Why Whiteboarding Is More Powerful than Traditional Presentations – Infographic

Do you find yourself getting bored of tedious powerpoint presentations? Do you feel overwhelmed by complex graphs and tons of facts and numbers? Do you often have problems even remembering what was said during the presentation? – If your answer was YES to any or all of those questions, well then maybe you should ask yourself why you still bother using oldschool presentation techniques in your sales conversations. Read more >

Social Selling: Getting Started

With online marketing and social media transforming the world of marketing, social selling has also become more omnipresent. Sure, we’ve all heard of social selling. But what exactly is it and what can it actually do for you and your company?Read more >