Category: Digital Transformation Advisory

CeBIT 2015: How Can Companies Jump on The Bandwagon of Digital Transformation

As every year the CeBIT delights its visitors with the latest trends in the IT economy. Big data, cloud applications, mobile, social business, IT security and Internet of Things, all these topics brought together thousands of people from all over the world. The most present topic is digitization of all areas of business and society and we as PDAgroup could be witnesses of all the changes and inventions.Read more >

Digitalization: How IT Providers Can Transform Their Clients’ Businesses

To adapt one of the most fundamental philosophical questions from Shakespeare to today’s business climate: To be [digital] or not to be?  Many companies of all shapes and sizes around the globe are currently asking themselves this question.Read more >

How to Use Videos to Demonstrate Your Software Online

Using videos as a way to demonstrate the advantages and values of certain software solutions to target audiences has become a common practice for software vendors. When used in the right way, software video demos can be an effective way to create awareness and generate demand for your solution. Read more >