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The Future of HR: A Glimpse into the Crystal Ball

On June 25, 2019, PDAgroup CEO Prof. Dietmar Kilian joined other prominent HR experts to discuss the future of HR.  The lively and insightful discussion explored in-depth the role that data analytics will play in the coming years. With so many changes taking place as a result of digitalization, what should HR focus on? The panelists offered their exciting individual insights.

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5 Reasons HR Needs to Focus on Employee Development

Employee development opportunities are often referred to during job interviews and onboarding. Yet most companies’ commitments to learning tend to fade away in day-to-day business. The truth is that HR strives to brand their company as one that cultivates a culture of learning, but employee development is typically forgotten when it comes to stressful daily routines and reaching targets.

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How to Attract and Retain Top Sales Performers

A study by Towers Watson revealed some effective ways to attract and retain top sales performers and critical-skilled employees. According to the study, 66% of organizations have experienced difficulties appealing to top sales performers, and 41% have had problems keeping them around.  Both of these percentages have increased in the past years, indicating a trend that the competition for critical-skill employees has been intensifying. Read more >

Surpass Your Competitors: Cultivate A Culture of E-Learning

Is beating the competition really all about creating a culture of e-learning? Indeed, how innovative and relevant your products and services are plays a massive role. But what factors matter most after you consider what a company itself has to offer? It turns out that cultivating a culture of e-learning makes a huge impact.

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3 Indisputable Reasons Why Employee Training Is Essential

Last year, US training expenditures increased by almost 33%, reaching $93.6 billion. Such expansion reflects that businesses now realize how important investing in employee training and workforce development is.Read more >

3 Essential Steps to Long-Term Behavior Change

Behavior change is very challenging, and—like climbing a mountain—requires a fair amount of physical and mental training. It almost always makes no difference if we have an intense desire for change.Read more >

Labor Ascending

When the topic of economic output comes up, economists are quick to formulate equations that point to capital and labor as the essential ingredients that every company needs. While no one argues that these two inputs are absolutely necessary, a constant battle has been waged over the years between academics and business leaders as to whether capital or labor is more important.Read more >