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Why Sales Enablement Is More Effective Than Training

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”Benjamin Franklin

Although Ben Franklin lived long before the time of formal business training as we know it today, there is a lot of truth in his statement. It leads us to ponder: How can we best involve participants in sales enablement so that they really learn?  Let’s compare two models: sales training and sales enablement.Read more >

The 4 Most Common Sales Objections And How to Master Them

What would sales be without objections? Pretty easy and boring. It would consist of just one thing: handing the pen to the customer and pointing out where to sign. You might think sales would be better off without objections, but objections are often a good sign.Read more >

5 Trends in Channel Enablement

As the pace of digitalization accelerates, so too must channel enablement. It must constantly reinvent itself so that vendors and partners can keep an edge over their competitors. Every time technology changes, so too must the lingo and topics that enablement focuses on.Read more >

The Secrets of Enablement Event Planning

Enablement event planning within large organizations can be a logistical nightmare. If you overlook or forget a tiny detail, chances are someone will complain about it. In the end, enablement event planning almost always takes a lot more time and effort than you had expected.Read more >

Thrive on Change with Customer-Centric Channel Management

Consumers love it when industries get shaken up. Changes in processes or technology result in a flurry of new businesses offering better deals for lower prices, giving customers a license to be demanding. On the supply side of the equation though, change can be extremely difficult for those with established business models.Read more >

Learning & Gamification: Gamify Your Sales Trainings

Sales competitions are nothing novel. Organizations often hold contests within their sales teams to push them to reach specific sales goals like expanding into a new industry or simply following-up on leads. Here at PDAgroup, we thought it would be an exciting idea to apply the latest gamification techniques to enrich the learning environment of sales professionals in the SAP environment and the results were impressive.Read more >

Let The Partners Speak: Selling And Positioning SAP HANA – Interview With Reply GmbH & Co. KG

26 teams developed a vast number of innovative solutions based on SAP HANA during the 5-month-long SAP HANA Race 2013 which concluded over a half a year ago. Now that the race has finished and the participants have had some time to reflect on the experience, we thought it would be a good time to sit down for an interview with a few of the SAP partners who participated—among them some of the winners. Read more >