PDAgroup Digital Learning Services

We assist you in creating and delivering impactful learning experiences by blending best practices, scientific methodology and latest technology trends.

Our Approach

For over a decade, PDAgroup has partnered with the world’s largest companies to design, manage, and deliver training solutions around the world.

From corporate office suites to retail floors and production lines, our digital training services empower employees with knowledge they need to succeed in a digital workplace.

Whether you have a bespoke learning initiative, or a global rollout, we can provide your business with the following services:


Digital Training Self-Assessment

Put your organization’s digital learning capabilities to the test

Identify needs and action items

Receive insights that are essential to set your digital learning agenda

Delivery Engagement Check

Have an expert review your existing digital learning program

Receive a findings report, including practical, hands-on recommendations

Discuss follow-up activities and how to realize your goals in a short consulting call

Engagement Diagnostics

Measure your learners’ progress and the overall effectiveness of your learning program

Iterate to improve and enhance your learning program through gap identification and timely reactions

Design a diagnostics strategy that is tailored to meet your goals

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Create New and Enhance Existing Content

Create engaging and interactive e-learning material

Revise your existing content to convert it into a world-class digital learning experience

Leverage our Platform Expertise

Set up, optimize and maintain your Learning Management System (LMS)

Unlock the power of our DIGITAL CUBE PLATFORM and choose from over 1,500 eLearning courses

Digital Cube can also host your content and be customized to reflect your corporate identity

Interact and Engage

Apply a wide array of cutting-edge knowledge transfer methods

Enhance your training content with strategically-placed interactive items and gamification

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Facilitate and Produce

Deliver value throughout virtual sessions by fostering active participant engagement

Let our experienced producers support you in your training needs

Train-the-Trainer Services

Upskill your trainers and facilitators to turn them into digital learning experts

Pre-coaching observation


Practice sessions

Post-coaching observations

Content walkthroughs

Training Administration

Assess your general needs as well as costs and budgeting requirements

Allow our expert team to organize the entire training rollout to ensure smooth delivery

Unlock the Potential of Your Workforce

The world’s largest companies call on PDAgroup to have their training content designed, managed, and delivered all around the world.

Reach out and discover what PDAgroup can help your organization achieve.