SUCCESS IN SALES online program

5 Steps to Success in Digital Sales

The SUCCESS IN SALES online program is based on our award-winning program, the “virtual Inspirational Selling Program”. We developed all steps of this program further to make the outcome for our participants even more valuable. After attending this program you will apply selected sales methodologies to your particular market with a selected solution. This, in turn, will help you craft unique and powerful sales messages to win new customers. The innovative approach combines virtual classroom training and coaching sessions to gain a deeper understanding of your prospects’ businesses, key stakeholders, and how you help them overcome their current challenges. The program provides you with solid techniques to increase your chances of closing deals.

Parts of the program:

Professional Customer Profiling: in the first class, participants will learn how to define their ideal customer profile and identify real customers matching this profile.

Impactful Value Messaging: during the second session, we investigate which customers you should engage with and how.

Powerful Qualification Methods: the third session is about identifying the prospect’s problems and their actual business impact. The main topics of this session are problem symptoms, resulting real effects, and underlying root causes.

Successful Negotiations: the fourth session is designed to understand game theory in the context of sales negotiations and how it can help you close better deals.

Inspiring Virtual Presentations: the last session is designed to teach you how to deliver a memorable presentation.


The program combines five 60-minute virtual classes with five 30-minute one-to-one sessions to apply the virtual classes' theory.


Key Learnings

  • Targeting the right industries
  • Selecting the correct prospects
  • Targeting the right stakeholder
  • Stakeholder value messaging
  • Develop a questioning plan for a meeting
  • How to qualify a deal with a root cause analysis
  • Improve negotiating skills for a better outcome for both parties
  • Closing (better) deals
  • How to use a storytelling framework in a sales presentation
  • Create and hold convincing presentations


This training program is in English. Hier geht's zum Programm auf Deutsch

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