Professional Customer Profiling

Identify and Analyze Your Target Audience

How can you target the right customers in any prospecting campaign? In this session, we lay the groundwork for defining the right fit for your company and product. Looking at aspects like the industry context map, stakeholder analysis, and an ideal customer profile, we help you define your target customer.

During an interactive session, you will rethink your prospecting setup. During the following one-to-one playback session, you have the opportunity to work on your real-world scenario and improve your ideal customer profile to have a better and more targeted foundation for prospecting activities.

Key Learnings

  • build a customer profile
  • define your target industry
  • identify the ideal customer within the selected industry


Annette Behrendt
Annette Behrendt

Annette is PDAgroup’s training expert. As experienced project manager and design thinking coach, she accompanies and advises companies for years. Thanks to her creative and customer-centric approach, she helped them successfully develop and implement their education and development concepts. Design thinking, virtual learning strategies and project management are her favorites.


Annette Behrendt
Daniel Ortner
Daniel Ortner

Daniel is a passionate business consultant and is particularly enthusiastic about social selling, which is his focus topic at PDAgroup. Working closely with customers is very important to him, which is why he especially enjoys conducting training events as well as working out strategic concepts together with customers and subsequently supporting them during the implementation. Daniel is also involved in various sales projects and in the development of new sales training programs.


Daniel Ortner
A Rennweg 1, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria E office@pdagroup.net T +43 (0)512 56 09 70

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