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If you give someone a task and provide them with the right resources, they will work more efficiently and productively. The same goes for your sales team. If you equip your sales team with the right tools, they will close more deals. But how can you be sure that your sales reps and sales managers have the best skills and resources to work more efficiently and convert leads? The answer is simple: sales enablement.

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What is Sales Enablement & Who Needs It?

Sales enablement is the process of providing a sales team with the content, information, training, and tools that will help them sell more efficiently. The main goal of sales enablement is to ensure that salespeople successfully engage with potential buyers throughout the entire buying journey.

In short, sales enablement requires a high level of cooperation and alignment between the sales and marketing teams. Marketing must provide the sales team with the right materials for promotions, including videos, blogs, whitepapers, and infographics.

On the other hand, sales reps and managers should share targeted content with customers and leads at the right time during the buying cycle. It is also crucial that sales reps and sales managers inform marketing of exactly the kind of content that would be valuable to their prospects and what they expect at the specific stages throughout the buying cycle.

A Holistic Sales Enablement Strategy

Your marketing and sales teams' ability to collaborate will make an impact on the results and KPIs of both teams. Finding the optimal approach to provide the sales team with the best resources to sell is extremely important. The following steps are vital to doing so:

  1. Report and analyze data: Data drive the modern world, and you must gather and draw important insights from them to profit.
  2. Optimize sales content: Marketers should not be the only people producing content. Content created or customized by sales reps to target specific prospects can be very useful to engage leads. Some examples of good content can be eBooks, whitepapers, or customer case studies with a short personal note explaining the relevance to each recipient.
  3. Leverage the latest technology: In the past, sales activities were mainly manual. Nowadays, technology and automation allow sales reps to sell more and faster. But only a tool that suits your specific processes and workflows can bring efficiency without adding pain.

Introducing: A Sales Enablement Platform & CRM

Often, if sales teams are not using the right technology, sales enablement initiatives fail to yield long-term results. Bringing about long-term behavioral change on a team is challenging. For precisely this reason, PDAgroup has teamed up with Membrain to help sales teams execute their strategies and effectively boost sales performance.

Membrain, a B2B sales enablement CRM, guides sales reps through the entire sales process. The strategic partnership between PDAgroup and Membrain will help sales teams overcome the slow but steady fading of lessons learned in sales training. Instead, they will apply proven methodologies learned in training and integrate them hands-on into their use of a seamless CRM system. The tool, also used by PDAgroups’s sales team, embodies the sales methodology shared in our trainings.

Membrain is a simple, attractive, and easy-to-use sales enablement platform. It is designed for intuitive execution of your predefined sales strategies while customizing messages to each customer. The most important difference from other systems is that the whole system is fully customizable down to the last detail. This means you can adapt the Membrain CRM to fit your exact sales processes.

On top of that, sales managers and executives receive actionable insights and statistics in real time without any additional effort.

“We’re proud to partner with PDAgroup,” says George Brontén, founder and CEO of Membrain. “Their demonstrated track record of helping sales organizations achieve measurable results makes them a great fit. We’re excited to work with them and serve their clients.”

Sales Enablement: Your Strategic Advantage

During the sales enablement era, your way to engage with buyers is what makes you different. Membrain is a powerful tool that provides insights into salespeople's workflows with win/loss performance analytics. It empowers individual sales reps to improve their strategies and processes as they go with a visualization of the sales process. Moreover, the tool delivers reliable forecasts based on milestone progressions instead of gut feelings.

Keep in mind that tools alone are never enough to deliver better sales. Without advanced sales skills and knowledge to drive your teams’ actions, data entry into a CRM is pointless. This is why sales enablement, along with a powerful tool like Membrain, is vital to see sustainable long-term gains.

For more information on sales enablement, request our latest sales enablement whitepaper here, read our blog post:Why Sales Enablement Is More Effective Than Training

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