How to Be Confident in Virtual Sales Meetings

Since the beginning of the pandemic, virtual sales meetings have become the new normal and a key communication channel for sales organizations. Video calls allow us to stay in contact with clients and peers regardless of restrictions and other external factors. Most people would agree that face-to-face meetings are also important, but virtual meetings are here to stay. In this context, salespeople need to master a new set of skills in order to be confident in virtual sales meetings. Here are some ideas that will help you look professional and feel confident in your next meeting:


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1. Practice, Practice, Practice

As usual, practice is the most important part of the equation. Switching to virtual sales meetings brings up many questions.

-Do I appear calm and collected?

-Is the camera aligned at the right angle?

-Can the customer hear me well enough?

All these questions are difficult to answer without external feedback, so it is helpful to schedule test calls with friends or colleagues. Sales teams should regularly schedule test calls between their members to practice and get the feedback necessary to perform confidently in customer meetings.

It is also very important to prepare for possible technical difficulties. A best practice is to have a colleague assisting you in the background with the technical aspects of your virtual meeting. This gives you the possibility to focus entirely on your prospect without having to worry about the details. If you don´t have this possibility, look for the most common problems that may come up and how to solve them, so that you know how to deal with them if they occur.

2. Appearance

How you look is also very important. Even if you have been stuck at home the whole day, your customer shouldn't be aware of it. Your client expects a professional sales meeting, so you should look like a sales professional. Even if you are working remotely, wearing something you would wear at the office will help you feel more self-confident and look more competent.

3. Background

Everything that appears in the camera should look professional. Many tools offer background blur capabilities or virtual backgrounds. Nevertheless, using a real background will make you look authentic and it is a chance to gain your prospect´s trust. The best background for a virtual customer meeting is a white wall or a bookshelf. Get creative and start moving your computer around the house until you find a spot that looks simple and professional.

4. Body Language and Facial Expressions

Every salesperson should know the rules of persuasive body language. Sitting straight with the shoulders back and offering a firm handshake are the very basics. Excluding the handshake, the same principles also apply to virtual sales meetings. Sitting straight and upright in your chair will make you look self-confident and competent. Talk to your customers as you would talk to them if you met them in person. Try not to get irritated by things that are happening around you and give all your attention to your customer. The customer will notice if you are distracted, and this can negatively affect your sales process. Avoid looking at your phone during the conversation without alerting your customer.

5. Equipment

Having the right equipment will avoid technical complications. A good headset with an integrated microphone can keep background noise from disturbing the conversation and help you better understand your customer. You also need to know how to use different tools.

Knowing the agenda of your virtual sales meeting inside out will help you respond to any situation. Preparation is everything. Practice with your team, make sure that you look professional, and get the right equipment.

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