How To Increase Sales Performance

It is THE question that everything in sales revolves around: How can I increase sales performance? This article is all about how to increase sales productivity effectively and sustainably, that is, how to maximize sales results while reducing the use of resources.

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What Is Sales Performance

Sales performance reflects the sales results minus the resources that were needed to reach them. Resources can be anything from cost, to effort, to time. A sales team’s performance refers to the effectiveness of their input relative to their sales results over a given period. Implementing sales performance management is the best way to track and manage this performance. Sales productivity can be measured by the rate at which salespeople increase the revenue of the company. In short, improving efficiency is finding ways to make the most of your time and resources.

Factors That Can Negatively Influence Sales Performance

Sales performance is a complex subject as it depends on various factors. If something is negatively affecting sales results, it is very important to identify the problem as quickly as possible by conducting a sales analysis. Factors that can negatively impact sales performance include:

1. Excessive performance pressure

2. Inconsistent sales strategies and processes

3. Random, poorly planned sales training and education

4. Poor deadline and time management

5. Lack of communication within the team and at the management level

6. Failure to prioritize sales activities

7. Resistance to adopting new, innovative sales tools and technologies

8. High turnover and constant team changes

9. Silos and misalignment between sales and marketing

10. Evolving momentum in the sales pipeline

11. Poorly created Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP)

12. Constant distractions from outside and irrelevant sources

13. Chaotic sales cultures

How To Measure Sales Performance

There are different metrics and KPIs that help us measure sales performance. According to this Sales Performance Survey Report, the most important KPIs for both sales managers and sales reps are:

1. Revenues generated

2. Pipeline generated

3. Opportunities created

While these KPIs are important, they are not the best metrics to measure sales performance since they keep you in a reactive rather than proactive mode. Looking at them is like looking in the rear-view mirror. For example, if you only look at the revenue generated or the number of opportunities generated, you only see the output. You know what your sales are, but you don't know why they look the way they do. To understand the "why" you need to track sales activity. How many sales calls increase the size of your pipeline? Do emails convert into deals? This information is important for influencing sales results and motivating salespeople.

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The Key Pillars Of Sales Performance

The key pillars of an outstanding sales performance are:

  1. Consistency
  2. Focus
  3. Innovation
  4. Business culture

1. Consistency

A solid organizational sales structure that provides consistency to the sales process is essential to achieving good results. Each salesperson may have their own individual approaches to interacting or communicating with potential customers, but the sales process and the message should always be the same.

2. Focus

Staying focused is becoming increasingly difficult with all the distractions and notifications that pop up in our screen and life throughout the day. It is key to reduce distractions as much as possible to keep our focus steadily on the tasks that need more attention.

3. Innovation

Sticking to the tried and true isn't necessarily "bad," but it does prevent big leaps in progress. The sales world is changing rapidly: markets, customers’ behavior, communication channels, and tools are always evolving. Having an innovative spirit and a willingness to keep learning and exploring are a must to stay relevant and to keep sales teams productive and effective.

4. Business Culture

A very competitive business culture puts sales employees and their managers under a lot of pressure to deliver results. This doesn’t necessarily translate in better sales performance. Employees working within competitive business cultures suffer from high levels of stress that translate in absenteeism, health problems, and higher employee turnover. On the other hand, a positive working environment where employees feel supported and a business culture that emphasizes trust and purpose will keep employees inspired and engaged for the long run.

How To Increase Sales Performance

You wont increase your sales performance by simply reading a blog post, but there are certainly some clues that we can give you to get started. However, the basis for a sustainable increase in sales should always be a detailed, status quo analysis of the sales and company structure. Here are some basic tips that will help you increase your sales performance:

  1. Use sales tools
  2. Establish a schedule and routine
  3. Offer regular coaching and training
  4. Create effective sales plans

1. Use Sales Tools

Several factors contribute to sales inefficiency and one of these factors is the unwillingness to adapt to new technologies and innovative sales tools. When leveraged properly, sales tools simplify and standardize the sales process. They can also be utilized to quickly identify and address possible flaws.

2. Establish A Schedule And Routine

Sales reps are often very busy. Establishing an organized schedule and routine is a good way to improve their time management skills and overall sales productivity.

3. Offer Regular Coaching And Training

As we mentioned before, an industry that is constantly evolving requires an attitude of “never-stop-learning”. Nowadays, the only way to stay up to date not only with trends but also with your own self-awareness is through regular coaching and training. This makes a huge difference in helping sales reps learn about new selling techniques and trends.

4. Create Effective Sales Plans

In most cases, sales planning makes your process go more smoothly because you've been able to weigh the risks, rewards, and possible outcomes of what you're about to execute. This is extremely relevant for sales teams to meet quotas and other goals, by following the strategies they devise.

Sales managers are always looking for ways to increase their team's performance. By setting clear goals, creating a positive working environment, and providing training and development opportunities, you can help your team achieve its full potential. At our company, we specialize in helping businesses just like yours reach their sales goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you increase your sales performance. Thanks for reading!

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