Keeping Sales Teams Competitive with the Success in Sales Online Program

Thanks to digitalization, buyers are more powerful and knowledgeable than ever before. Employee training and development are game-changers that can keep sales teams competitive. That is why PDAgroup has created the Success in Sales Online Program, an online sales training designed to keep sales teams competitive. This program consists of five virtual learning classes covering the whole sales cycle with selected tools and methodologies, followed by individual playback sessions (1:1 virtual coaching sessions) designed to build confidence in a safe environment.

During the Success in Sales Online Program, participants apply selected sales methodologies to their particular market. The program concludes with a full prospect pipeline, an action plan, and a customized customer presentation for each sales executive with a measurable ROI.

sales person in front of computer participating in the Virtual Inspirational Selling Program online sales training

1. Targeted Prospecting

This virtual class provides insights into how to target the right industries and select the correct prospects. At the end of this session, participants can identify their ideal customers and build a perfect customer profile.

2. Customer Engagement

Understanding the buying persona gives sales professionals a better understanding of the sales situation. It also helps them target relevant aspects of the sales process. In this class, participants identify and target key stakeholders and craft a value message. They also learn to engage prospects using social media by finding relevant digital material.

3. Value-Based Discovery

In this class, participants learn step by step how to qualify a deal with a root cause analysis by asking powerful questions. They also learn how to hold a professional virtual sales meeting with a client.

4. Successful Negotiations 

In a business context, it is key to leverage critical negotiation skills to increase profit margins and secure future business. In this class, participants learn new negotiation skills and how to handle the most common sales objections. Understand how game theory in the context of sales negotiations can help you close win-win deals.

5. Virtual Presentation

The virtual presentation class provides an understanding of the storytelling framework for sales. Participants will learn how to create compelling stories and value messages using their customers’ language to communicate the value of their offer successfully.

We have put this online sales training together to help sales professionals gain a deeper understanding of their prospects’ businesses, key stakeholders, and current challenges. During the program, participants get to work on their real cases, so that they get their work done while they learn. After attending these five virtual learning lessons with their correspondent playback sessions, participants are ready to build a targeted sales strategy for prospective accounts and maximize profits.

Succes in Sales online training

The Success in Sales online program will increase your customer-facing team’s productivity with immediate and long-lasting success. 

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