Account Growth & Efficiently Serving Existing Customer Contacts

The expansion of customer contacts (account growth) and the acquisition of new customers are paramount to sales. Unfortunately, efficiently serving existing customer contacts is too often neglected. However, existing customer relationships in particular offer the best opportunities for additional business through up- and cross-selling of products or services.


Account Based Marketing vs. Lead Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing is a highly personalized approach that focuses on the company as a whole, instead of individual contacts.


In Lead Based Marketing, the focus is to target individuals within a company. Their colleagues are not considered as part of the marketing effort.

Account Growth and Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing offers many advantages over Lead Based Marketing, with reference to up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. By addressing several stakeholders within a company in a targeted and coordinated manner, you gain a deeper understanding of their organizational problems, wishes, and expectations.

You will recognize cross-departmental potential and possible obstacles that stand in the way of a successful deal. This information and insight are a crucial prerequisite for offering suitable, tailored solutions.

It can also increase the probability of securing larger deals. In addition to up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, the holistic view of Account Based Marketing also yields benefits in terms of customer loyalty and relationships. You can move your company forward by assisting the growth of your customers and building upon your connections with them.

Take advantage of our training and workshops to elevate your sales team onto a new professional account growth level:


Create potential for measurable up- and cross-selling opportunities.


Strengthening customer loyalty and relationships.



More reliable planning figures and more quality in sales planning for existing customers.

You have the challenge. We have the solution.

The following questions will be clarified: 

How can I activate my up- and cross-selling potential?

What up-selling and cross-selling potential do I have?

What are the specifics of Account-Based Marketing?

How can I create a roadmap for future potential together with existing customers and thus generate a reliable pipeline?

How can I increase customer loyalty through Account-Based Marketing?

How can I ensure more reliable planning figures (sales pipeline) and more quality in sales planning for existing customers?

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