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Most markets are saturated with a wide variety of offers. It is progressively difficult for companies to differentiate themselves from competitors and to be perceived at all in the highly competitive market. In addition, many companies find it difficult to convince themselves to change suppliers; they seem to be satisfied with the performance offered by their preferred suppliers. General sales concepts often fall short in this phase and offer too few convincing arguments. The strong focus on the competitor also distorts the differentiation and positioning of the company's own products and services and allows the relevant advantages to fade into the background.

Competitors move to the forefront of negotiations and with them, the question of conditions. Consequently, sales discussions with potentially interested parties usually end with the question of price. The relevant advantages of the products and services could not be presented, and potential prospects could not be encouraged to seriously reflect on this. We will prepare your sales team professionally through our developed conversation concepts, our adapted training, and workshops.

You have the challenge. We have the solution.

The following questions will be clarified:

What makes my products/services special?

How do my products/services differ from those of competitors?

Which contents are suitable for which customer group?

What are the disadvantages for the customer if the products/services are not purchased?

How do I prepare for a negotiation meeting?

SUCCESS IN SALES online program

SUCCESS IN SALES online program


After attending this program you will apply selected sales methodologies to your particular market with a selected solution. This, in turn, will help you craft unique and powerful sales messages to win new customers. The program provides you with solid techniques to increase your chances of closing deals.

Successful Negotiations online training

Successful Negotiations online training


The participants learn the importance of a BATNA and the many different aspects you can negotiate on – besides the price. Having a strategic look at negotiating opportunities, participants learn a new perspective on how to argue for their product.



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