Storytelling in Sales & Inspiring with Emotions

Many companies still underestimate the role of storytelling; the act of telling meaningful stories in sales. We learn, dream, and plan in stories and can feel moved or inspired by them. We give ourselves, our surroundings, and our world meaning and significance through the stories we tell. Storytelling is inspiring with emotions.


Storytelling in sales 

Too often, sales teams concentrate too much on themselves and on what they want to communicate in terms of content. Inevitably, they end up talking past their customers. It is much more important to appeal to the customer's emotions, for example by making them the protagonist of your story.

"We buy a feeling too"

Stories are especially effective when they evoke emotional memories in your counterpart. 91% of our information processing is emotional. This is because our brain remembers emotions better than facts. Your customers never solely buy the product, they buy a feeling they associate with a brand or the feeling a story may have evoked in them.

Personal branding of your sales team

Personal branding of your sales team

While social distancing is part of our current circumstances, sales teams need to create a “social gathering” by creating their own personal brands as individuals. Through storytelling in sales, you tell your personal story and strengthen the bond with your potential and existing customers.


Through storytelling in sales, you tell your personal story and thereby strengthen the connection to your potential and existing customers.

Video storytelling as a sales driver

Video storytelling as a sales driver

Become visible to your customers in an understandable and authentic way. With a video you can reach your customers directly; you arouse emotions and transport messages/content in a faster way.


It has been proven that content is better internalized compared to a text message. Start leveraging innovative and trend-setting ways to market your products and services.

Advantage wide range of applications

With the right storytelling method, you can benefit from: acquiring new customers, referral marketing, ongoing customer care, up- and cross-selling, creatively addressing complaints and objections and, of course, in sales talks. We know what a good story is all about.


Our mix of many years of experience and successful best-practice examples will support you to develop and implement convincing stories about your products and services. Take advantage of our training and workshops and inspire your team with the possibilities offered by storytelling. A true "must-have" in sales.

By using the appropriate storytelling method, you will benefit in:


You have the challenge. We have the solution.

The following questions will be clarified:

What opportunities are there through storytelling in my sales process?

How, where and when can I use storytelling?

How does storytelling support customer relationships and retention?

What could a successful story for my services/products look like?

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STORYTELLING online training

In this 90-minute, trainer-led session, you will learn the essentials of storytelling: What are the core elements in storytelling? Why is storytelling so effective? How do you craft a story? This will be linked with how to convey value to your clients – looking at their value framework and telling relevant stories.

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