PDAgroup 2020 Report: State of Sales Enablement in Europe (DACH)

The momentum behind enablement has swept over from its birthplace in the US to other parts of the world. In the last quarter of 2020, we conducted a study into the current perception and participation in sales enablement activities within Europe (and DACH). The resulting report reveals our findings and will assist you in making the crucial decision to implement your own enablement unit.

In recent years, there has been an explosion of thought leaders and content addressing the significance and implications of enablement for B2B sales organizations. In response, several have caught onto this movement and have taken the plunge. We believe that investigating the early stages of sales enablement can provide valuable information on its present and future potential.

Insights were accumulated from sales enablement professionals, sales managers, marketing managers and salespeople. There was also great variation in the size of sales force and industries, demonstrating the versatility of sales enablement.

Takeaways from the report:

  • At present, the common pain points experienced by sales organizations can be directly targeted by the defining elements of enablement. Implementing a devised set of enablement initiatives will solve several challenges and evidently validate its strategic value.
  • Sales enablement has a strong basis for broad implementation across DACH and Europe. We asked respondents to write their personal definition of sales enablement and discovered that the concept is widely understood. The next step: to convert awareness and knowledge into action since...
  • Some of the instruments or processes that should enable salespeople tend to fall short of realising the full extent of their value. Part of our respondents' efforts are "partially used" or "ineffective".

The evidence from this report and from interactions with other professionals in the field indicate that sales enablement is currently at a critical stage. There is a lot of noise and excitement surrounding the concept, but we need to remain cautious that this is not just a phase in the greater scheme of things. This approach to supporting all levels of stakeholders in the customer-facing force and its adaptability to the unique circumstances of each organization holds boundless value. However, like all good things, benefits from change take time to unfold. Therefore, prospective companies that plan on implementing a sales enablement department need to pledge their long-term commitment.

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Download the full version for free and share this report amongst other sales colleagues, sales leaders, and top executives to find out more about the current stages of implementation and adoption of this concept. Most of us are still in this unique COVID-19 limbo and are searching for ways to adapt our processes to remain successful. Use the State of Sales Enablement in Europe (DACH) report to kickstart your journey into this supportive, cross-functional approach. Ensure that your customer-facing team is performing to the best of their abilities throughout the entire customer and buyer journey.


Britta Lorenz

Britta Lorenz

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