5 Methods To Ensure Online Training Success

Training has a significant impact on project success according to 80% of managers. There are enormous incentives for managers and employees to focus on employee learning and development. But any online training and development initiative that lacks support from both management and employees is doomed to fail. Here are 5 methods to ensure that online training is a success.

online learning success

Align on an Online Training Program

Identifying your team’s need for knowledge can start in one of two ways. Either an employee can recognize a desire to learn more about a topic or a manager can identify a skills gap within the team. Employees and managers should discuss how to fill gaps once they are detected. If filling the gap would be beneficial to one or more employees as well as the business as a whole, the team should explore training options together. Conversations should center around the following questions:

  • What is in it for the employee who will take part in the training?
  • What is in it for the team?
  • How can the business benefit from it?

Knowing the benefits in advance will make training participants feel like they are on a mission to gain new knowledge for their team and their company while meeting their own needs and personal objectives. If they know they will be expected to share and communicate the lessons they have learned to their teams and manager, this will ensure that employees get the most out of their learning experience.

Assimilate Work Projects into the Online Training Program

Online training programs that allow employees to work on tackling real team challenges are best. As the course proceeds, employees should not only ask their expert instructors everything the team has always wanted to know about the topic. They should also combine everyday work tasks and projects with their course assignments when possible. Employees can achieve two things simultaneously by combining efforts: learning while getting some work done.

Apply Knowledge in Everyday Tasks

The end goal is to apply newly acquired knowledge in the workplace and bring about long-term behavior change. Making use of learning is how an employee can demonstrate the benefits and value of the training to their manager. Managers must encourage employees and also give them extra time and space to review online training materials while completing their usual work tasks. Managers can assign a specific project to the employee to allow the employee to demonstrate their newly gained knowledge.

5 Methods to Ensure Online Training Success

Reward Progress & Course Completion

Whether you invite employees to a free lunch in the company cafeteria or give them an extra vacation day, employers should communicate the progress made in a course, which is also valuable to the business. Offering a small reward to employees when they reach milestones in their online training courses will push them to stay focused. It will also decrease the chances that they will forget about or deprioritize their learning if work gets stressful. Of course, companies should offer the biggest rewards for successful course completion. Employers that publicly reward employees for completing courses see a massive jump in both the number of employees who complete training courses and the number of training courses completed per employee. Whether the reward takes the form of a badge or certificate on internal platforms or individual LinkedIn profiles, you will give your employees a well-deserved sense of accomplishment for their career growth.


On internal platforms, leaderboards can be used to create a sense of competition among team members. Points can be awarded to individuals and teams based on several metrics. These include minutes spent on learning, online training modules completed, or overall certificates awarded. You can also create races for specific periods of time and visualize them. Gamification makes everything more exciting and memorable for participants.

Employee motivation and productivity jump when companies follow these five methods. It is critical that companies cultivate a culture of learning to stay relevant and competitive in the digital age. Doing so will also allow employees to have fun while acquiring new skill sets and knowledge via online training. This is knowledge that both the company and individual employees will benefit from in the future. The Digital Cube online training platform is ready to use. It hosts thousands of online training courses for business professionals. You can customize the look of the platform to match your corporate design, and we can even design custom e-learning content for your team or company. Discover what we can do for you here.

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