How to Overcome the Long-Term Challenges of the Corona Crisis

Since the spread of the Coronavirus became a pandemic and most countries introduced restrictions for businesses around the world, sales leaders and teams have been busy trying to find out how to master the most common short-term challenge: introducing remote working capabilities. But the Corona crisis will also bring long-term challenges.

Even if this situation is not affecting your business, it is probably affecting your clients. And it will continue to affect the economy in weeks, months and a year from now. Now that we have come out of the initial shock and have our teams set, it is time to take action to minimize the long-term impact.

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This is what sales managers and CEOs in small businesses need to do to overcome the long-term challenges of the Corona crisis.

1. Stay Close to Your Clients

The best relations are built when we stay next to our customers through tough times. This is not the time to lie down and play dead. Particularly if you have long sales cycles, it is very important that you stay close to your clients and maintain the conversation. Identify the opportunities that you can close and then make the first step towards the client to discuss the new situation. If your clients can’t pay you at this point, offer them manageable paying conditions. Being empathetic, even if that means that you are selling your product or service at a lower price, will foster a trust-based relation that will prevail for years to come. At the same time, having strong selling skills is important and will make a huge difference.

2. Be Flexible in Terms of the Media

Movement restrictions can have an impact on sales, particularly if you are a face-to-face person. The channels have changed, but there are still opportunities, so you need to be flexible in terms of the media: use the phone and arrange virtual meetings. If you need some advice about what the best tools for this purpose are and how to use them, take a look at our blog post ”Remote Work: Trainings for Essential Tools to Work from Home”. Finally, don’t forget to reinforce social selling to reach your clients. If you need help with your Social Selling, contact our expert Astrid Menzl.

3. Coach Your Team Remotely

Part of the solution is to make sure that your organization has a strong sales team. If you are a sales manager or the CEO of a small company, coach your team internally via digital channels. 10% of your salespeople usually produce 50% of your income, so decide wisely who you are going to spend your time with.

Sales Enablement Is More Important Than Ever

PDAgroup is closely working with its partners to find solutions and ways to support businesses like yours to overcome the long-term challenges of the Corona crisis. For us, the answer is crystal clear: On a strategic level, you need to focus on your sales now to be ready for the recovery. Just like our network partner Marcus Cauchi put it: “It is raining, and Sales Enablement is the umbrella.” What you invest in right now is going to be critical on how you manage the recession that is coming in the next months.

If you need help implementing any of these ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced business coaches can help you gain control back and make it through this crisis. Contact Britta Lorenz for more information about how we can help you.

Britta Lorenz

Britta Lorenz

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