LEARNTEC 2020: Learning Solutions for the Digital Transformation

Last month, international education experts came together in Karlsruhe (Germany) for the 27th edition of the LEARNTEC, a combination of convention and trade fair showcasing digital education solutions and the latest learning trends.

For three days, visitors could attend specialized lectures and listen to experts on the field discuss hot topics related to digital learning. We from PDAgroup were there as well presenting our services and learning solutions for the digital transformation. These are our key takeaways from all the inspiring lectures we attended at the LEARNTEC this year:


1. Development and Adoption of Learning Technologies in Europe

The possibilities that new technologies open for corporate training are mind-blowing. But we need to act now if we want to catch this train. Europe is investing far less in learning technologies than China, the USA, and India, both in developing and in adopting new technologies. As exciting as it might seem to explore these new possibilities, it can also be quite frightening. Think about AI or VR and how they could change your corporate training forever. But fear is a bad adviser and feeling some dizziness shouldn’t stop you from moving forward. Make sure all this exciting technology doesn’t make you lose your focus on the human part of the equation: the employees.

2. Introducing A Learning Culture in the Workplace

Unlocking your employee’s ability for lifelong learning will positively impact your organization. But how do you do that? Mentor your employees through productive, continuous feedback and emphasize the importance of learning. Make learning easily accessible and create a space where social learning and knowledge sharing can take place and are appreciated. This will empower your employees to integrate purposeful learning into their daily routines.

3. Lead By Example – Develop Your Own Learning Mindset

As a leader, your habits have an impact on the behavior and performance of your employees. If you are trying to introduce a learning culture within your team, ask yourself these questions: Do YOU have a learning mindset? Or are you on the contrary stuck in a fixed mindset? Do YOU take time for learning and share your insights with others? Talking about the importance of learning is not enough. You must walk the talk. After all, what’s an ocean but a multitude of drops? You can only succeed in introducing a learning culture if you start by yourself. Be the first drop. The rest will follow.

4. Generation Z in the Workforce

A younger generation is entering the workforce, a generation that does not remember a time without the internet. They have different expectations than their predecessors and if companies want to attract the best talents, they will have to adapt. For Generation Z, technology is a must, but they also want to have face to face meetings and interactions at work. They appreciate autonomy but also need regular feedback and guidance from their managers. When it comes to learning, Generation Z prefers a self-paced approach via on-demand platforms with some mentoring on the side. You might already have some members of this generation on your workforce, and if you don’t, you will soon. Start by taking them seriously and challenge them, they might surprise you.

Next year the LEARNTEC will take place between the 2nd and the 4th of February 2021. As a trusted advisor for enterprises and business professionals on the path to digitalization, PDAgroup will be there again presenting our innovative, human-centered solutions. But you don’t have to wait a whole year to meet us. Get in touch and learn more about how we can help you design and implement your unique digital learning strategy.

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