SAP Partner Enablement in South Africa: An Electrifying & Rewarding Journey

From October 28 to November 1, PDAgroup’s sales experts traveled to South Africa to deliver an exciting set of SAP partner enablement workshops. PDAgroup’s Kiran Gill and Sara Lunardelli worked alongside SAP enablers Anneline Sowrimuthu and Amanda Francois to guide course participants as they set out on a journey designed to hone their solution demo and sales skills.

Demo Perfect: Make Your Win Rates Skyrocket

On Monday, presales consultants from Adapt IT, Altura Consulting, BCX, and MFT Executive Advisory Services explored the power of storytelling and what can be gained by including stories in solution demos. Doing so not only allows them to shift their focus from features to value but also to remember to speak the same language as their prospects, keeping what is important to customers front and center. By the end of the day, the eager participants had learned to successfully structure their solution demos to be as effective as possible and to implement best practices in terms of discovery and value-based selling.

Attendees at SAP Partner Enablement
The participants from the SAP Partners Adapt IT, Altura Consulting, BCX, and MFT Executive Advisory Services are learning how to tailor their presentations to be as relevant and memorable as possible for their potential customers.

Two key takeaways from the Demo Perfect Workshop were that it is essential for presales consultants to be targeted with their sales and presales efforts so as not to waste any valuable time and that mastering the best practices learned in the Demo Perfect training will give them an edge over their competitors. Thanks to this highly-targeted and engaging SAP partner enablement workshop, these presales consultants can now successfully demonstrate the value of their solutions, which will certainly help their future win rates skyrocket!

Inspirational Selling: Effective, Efficient & Engaging Hands-On Workshop

From October 29 to November 1, Sales and marketing reps along with sales managers from Adapt IT, BCX, Consnet, iOCO Recruitment & Resourcing, Melon Consulting, Seidor Westrocon Ltd., and Siris joined PDAgroup’s sales experts for two action-packed days of hands-on pipeline building and SAP partner enablement.

Inspirational Selling Day 1: Aligning Sales & Marketing on Engagement & Prospecting

Participants arrived with lists of their real-world prospects and left the Inspirational Selling workshop with unique, detailed engagement plans to demonstrate value to prospects as trusted advisors. No time was wasted away from the field, as this workshop completely blends everyday sales prospecting work with practical learning using real business opportunities.

Participants at the Inspirational Selling Sales Training for SAP Partner Enablement in South Africa
During the Inspirational Selling Program, participants received electronic tools to streamline their sales processes, from prospecting to deal qualification. In this picture, Siris’ Sales Consultants are building their Prospect Portfolio.


“It is not just focusing on imparting knowledge to the participants. There’s a lot of practical work, and it also gives the opportunity to actually be productive by which taking your own leads and prospects and developing them through a whole sales strategy. This makes this kind of interactive nature of the training quite a benefit for the audience and keeps it alive,” said Henk Du Toit, Chairman at Melon Consulting. 

In addition to building pipeline, the collaboration between sales and marketing teams was deepened to ensure better alignment on content creation strategies to fully engage prospects. This is essential in today’s market since buyers are now better informed than ever and expect to receive more sophisticated and personalized sales and marketing materials they can profit from.

Inspirational Selling Day 2: From Sales Discovery to Trusted Advisor

The day started with best practices related to deal qualification and the secrets of a winning discovery meeting and delivering a targeted sales pitch. After that, participants were given many powerful tools and frameworks to effectively and efficiently move away from a solution-focused approach to one that is focused on each customer and the added value each sales rep can provide them. The key is to become a trusted advisor or consultant within each customer’s industry.

Henk Du Toit reflected on his workshop experience stating: “Sometimes you get to that “Ah-Ha Moment” as you go through that methodology again. You look at some of the points and go, “That could really add value if I just bring that back or reminded myself to actually do so!”

Now each of the sales reps and managers has all of the knowledge and tools they need to better fulfill the expectations and needs of their many future customers.

Inspirational Selling Group Picture for SAP Partner Enablement in South Africa
In the photo from left to right: Sara Lunardelli (PDAgroup), Emily Mguni (Seidor Westrocon), Anneline Sowrimuthu, Riaz Hamiid (iOCO Recruiting & Resourcing), Sindlswa Dhladhla (Seidor Westrocon), Sizo Thekwane (Adapt IT), Mampho Hlekiso (Adapt IT), Lerato Mabela (Adapt IT), Rezan Seedat (Melon Consulting), Henk Du Toit (Melon Consulting), Thandolwethu Maseko (Adapt IT), Kereshen Naicker (Seidor Westrocon), Ravisha Sewsunker (SAP), Kiran Gill.

Profit from PDAgroup’s Experienced & Engaging SAP Partner Enablement Workshops

Over 30,000 participants have taken part in over 4,000 PDAgroup enablement events worldwide. PDAgroup’s trainers stay at the cutting edge of best practices in sales via close collaboration with a vast network of sales professionals in leading business and academic organizations. In today’s competitive global market, sharpening your skills is the best way to ensure long-term sustainable success.

Henk Du Toit explained how experienced sales professionals can also profit from our workshops. “A lot of times you lose sight of all the steps and start skipping over a couple of them, and you may miss a couple of real value drivers, or little nuggets, which actually just give you that little edge you may have forgotten about.”

Don’t lose sight of any important steps or advancements in best practices. Explore our innovative and cutting-edge sales workshops and training programs, or get in touch with Andreas Langer to discuss how we can customize training to meet all your organization’s business training needs.

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