Let’s face it, success in complex sales involves developing strong relationships to have permission to challenge, inspire and add value to our customers.  From my point of view, nothing has changed, but the opportunity to cultivate relationships and thought leadership to a broader audience. In fact, i’d posit that it’s not the message that’s changed, but the way in which we share it.

Quick wins that build your social selling capability

So, what’s different? I’ve put together quick wins that build your social selling capability and raise your game in the best place to unearth new opportunities.

1. If you don’t tell us, we can’t know

It’s vital to update your professional profile to convey the important aspects of your experiences, successes and even more importantly, your client’s successes. The power of references cannot be understated, get active in updating your profile, with a laser focus on what you’ve helped your clients achieved. This is the gift that keeps on giving, since it establishes credibility, track record and avoids you creating a profile which reads more like a brochure.

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2. Fish where the fish are

This is pretty simple really, using social media we can isolate where our target groups hang out, which means with the right (click) bait (sorry, I have a tendency to use cheesy metaphors) we can engage in meaningful discourse. We can share successes of our current and former clients by explaining how they did the big turnaround, survival or ascendancy.

3. Create and share content which provokes

Create and share content which provokes, challenges and engages people in thinking differently about their business, situation and future. Don’t just click ‘likes’ and expect magic to happen. Make it a priority to write something of substance and link to your personal strategy to grow your profile (this leads nicely to my next and final point).

4. SSI Scores are the perfect diagnostic

SSI Scores are the perfect diagnostic to know where you’re at now, and how to make adjustments and improvements which elevate your status as a thought leader and grow your profile organically. To learn your SSI score, click here. At the moment I’m working with PDAgroup in creating a Social Selling course we can share with SAP and partners.  If you’d like to learn more, get in touch and share your own insights, please reach out.
This article was written by Ben Faranda. Ben Faranda is a senior facilitator and consultant with PDAGroup GmbH, specializing in sales & leadership capability, team performance and growth mindset.  For over ten years, Ben has worked in over 40 countries with the world’s largest IT companies, including: SAP, Microsoft, HP and others.