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Challenges That Keep You From Achieving Your KPIs

Companies that want to succeed in today’s economy must define their goals in a clear, measurable and achievable way. Therefore, they need to create a useful and effective set of key performance indicators (KPIs). Read more >

Storytelling Can Unlock The Hidden Potential of Every Salesperson

Storytelling in Sales: How Everyone Can Unlock Hidden Potential

When was the last time you told a friend a story? “You have no idea what happened to me yesterday!” Sound familiar? The truth is that each of us is a storyteller, but most people do not realize it. Of course, some storytellers are better than others, but there are also exceptional storytellers. Nevertheless, everyone can considerably improve their storytelling skills with a bit of practice. And that practice will surely pay off if you use storytelling in sales.

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Online training can be engaging and exciting.

5 Methods To Ensure Online Training Success

Training has a significant impact on project success according to 80% of managers. There are enormous incentives for managers and employees to focus on employee learning and development. But any online training and development initiative that lacks support from both management and employees is doomed to fail. Here are 5 methods to ensure that online training is a success.

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5 Reasons HR Needs to Focus on Employee Development

5 Reasons HR Needs to Focus on Employee Development

Employee development opportunities are often referred to during job interviews and onboarding. Yet most companies’ commitments to learning tend to fade away in day-to-day business. The truth is that HR strives to brand their company as one that cultivates a culture of learning, but employee development is typically forgotten when it comes to stressful daily routines and reaching targets.

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PDAgroup Joins GE Digital in “Fueling the Journey”

On February 6th and 7th, the beautiful city of Lisbon hosted the GE Digital Sales Summit 2019. GE Digital, a subsidiary of the American multinational conglomerate General Electric, organized the event. It was an incredible chance to share best practices, industry insights, and business opportunities. Internal GE Digital executives from all over Europe and the US interacted with partners from Europe and MENAT.

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Surpass Your Competitors: Cultivate A Culture of E-Learning

Is beating the competition really all about creating a culture of e-learning? Indeed, how innovative and relevant your products and services are plays a massive role. But what factors matter most after you consider what a company itself has to offer? It turns out that cultivating a culture of e-learning makes a huge impact.

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The New Frontier For Business Training

Product Intro. Digital Transformation Advisory

When undergoing sweeping changes, unexpected risks often arise. At PDAgroup, we can put at your disposal the expertise and know-how of our consultants, who can assist your team in its digital journey and open your eyes to the new opportunities for your business optimization.

Product Intro: Digital Transformation Program

This program has been designed to support your organization in finding suitable answers to today´s most pressing questions and guide you through a successful business metamorphosis. In addition, it will promote a positive attitude towards digital change overall.

Product Intro: Training Operations

We have over 10 years of experience delivering effective trainings to our customers. We also offer several services related to trainings including planning, organizing, and delivering business trainings on your behalf. Our qualified facilitators not only perform enablement programs but also help you evaluate your training needs and manage and organize events in their entirety. In this way, participants can benefit from the most suitable and comfortable learning environment, and trainers and presenters are free to focus on delivering high-quality trainings sessions.

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