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Warum HR-Manager jetzt handeln müssen

Gerade in Jobbeschreibungen und im Onboarding-Prozess wird gerne auf zukünftige Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten verwiesen. Doch sind Mitarbeiter einmal im Joballtag angekommen, sieht die Sache oft anders aus. Keine Zeit, keine relevanten Entwicklungswünsche, kein Budget – so, oder so ähnlich, lautet dann für viele die Realität. Was aber, wenn Weiterbildungen – quasi on Demand – für Mitarbeiter jederzeit und von überall abrufbar wären?
Was derzeit noch als Traum vieler Arbeitnehmer klingt, wird in recht naher Zukunft in vielen Unternehmen gang und gäbe sein, denn in diesem Bereich tut sich zurzeit einiges.

Read more >

5 Digital Trends That Will Revolutionize HR Management Forever

Watch out human resources professionals! In the past, HR departments were necessary but nothing more. Nowadays they are not only gaining responsibility but are increasingly becoming an essential element for overall business success. Read more >

SAP Next-Gen Consulting: Link universities with the industry

How can you drive innovation from universities to industry? How can you integrate bright young minds into company projects? PDAgroup puts this into practice, through activities such as the SAP initiative Next-Gen Consulting.

In cooperation with the university Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) and the companies Cisco and Hitachi, PDAgroup has organized a consulting project for two motivated student groups that is supported by the SAP Initiative.Read more >

Labor Ascending

When the topic of economic output comes up, economists are quick to formulate equations that point to capital and labor as the essential ingredients that every company needs. While no one argues that these two inputs are absolutely necessary, a constant battle has been waged over the years between academics and business leaders as to whether capital or labor is more important.Read more >

Why Enablement Is More Effective Than Training

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”Benjamin Franklin Although Ben Franklin lived long before the time of formal business trainings as we know them today, there is a lot of truth in his statement. The question is, “how best do you best involve participants so that they really learn?”  Let’s compare two models: training and enablement.Read more >

How to Attract and Retain Qualified Talents to your Company

A recent study by Towers Watson has revealed some effective ways to attract and retain critical-skilled employees. According to the study, 66% of organizations have experienced difficulties appealing to such employees and 41% have had problems keeping them around.  Both of these percentages have increased in the past 4 years, indicating a trend that the competition for critical-skill employees is intensifying. Read more >

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