Digital Disruption: Balancing Idealism, Risk, Data & Expectations

PDAgroup’s “Digital Transformation Advisors,” Astrid Menzl and Otto Schell, moderated an interactive discussion with a wide variety of digital disrupters and transformational figures at CeBIT.Read more >

Digital Disruption – Defining a Strategy

What’s your company’s strategy to face the challenges created by the digital disruption?  Read more >

The digital transformation is speeding up

The Transformation of Cold Calling How to contact leads using LinkedIn in 5 simple steps Part II

Are you curious on how to further increase your social selling tactics using LinkedIn? In our last blogpost, The Transformation of Cold Calling – Part I, we discussed the two first simple steps for success you need to take to contact leads through social selling, by firstly building your own personal brand and secondly creating your target audience and a buying persona. In sequel, get to know the last three hands-on tactics on how to start social selling using LinkedIn.  

Read more >

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The Transformation of Cold Calling How to contact leads using LinkedIn in 5 simple steps Part I

The increased use of social media has revolutionized how we sell. The advent of social selling is symbolic of the deeply entrenched behaviour of B2B buyers, who now more than ever use social media as an significant component of their research efforts about the solutions available to them.

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Weathering Brainstorms: How to Capture Ideas With Brainstorming Instead of Create Chaos

Often they can remind you of turbulent tornados: They can be immensely powerful and leave a path of destruction behind. In the aftermath you often are left with a pile of cluttered, unrelated ideas.Read more >

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6 Reasons Why We Should All Account Plan

The season of account planning is upon us, and for all account managers this should be the most important time of the year. However, most of us either don’t seem to have the time or don’t seem to see the real benefits in having a detailed account plan and strategy.Read more >

SAP Next-Gen Consulting: Link universities with the industry

How can you drive innovation from universities to industry? How can you integrate bright young minds into company projects? PDAgroup puts this into practice, through activities such as the SAP initiative Next-Gen Consulting.

In cooperation with the university Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) and the companies Cisco and Hitachi, PDAgroup has organized a consulting project for two motivated student groups that is supported by the SAP Initiative.Read more >

Be part of live business or how to live digital transformation

Be part of live business – While the awareness for digital transformation was already the theme of the 2015 edition, SAP took digital revolution at this year’s CONNECT 2016 – SAP Partner Summit, to the next level: What, in reality, is live digitalization for SAP customers and what does it imply for SAP partners themselves?Read more >

Please welcome – the Social Buyer!

Social Selling has often been discussed in recent days. But when sellers are becoming more social, isn’t it obvious that buyers are as well? Do you know what it means to you to talk to a social buyer? Here is my round-up of stepping into the shoes of a social buyer. Discover what behaviour and expectations are typical for this new generation of buyers. Read more >

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Who would push their customers into a well?

There’s a saying I learned years ago: People buy on emotion and defend their purchase on logic.

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