Channel Enablement: 5 Trends

Die Digitalisierung schreitet mit zunehmender Geschwindigkeit voran, so auch die Entwicklungen im Bereich Sales Channel Enablement. Immer wenn die Technologie sich ändert, müssen jene Themen angepasst werden, die im Sales Enablement eine wichtige Rolle spielen.

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Survive & Thrive In The Digital Transformation Race

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Everyone is talking about the digital transformation, but nobody seems to know exactly what it means for them as individuals and their businesses. We’ve asked four of our experts some pressing questions related to the digital transformation.Read more >

3 Essential Steps to Long-Term Behavior Change

Behavior change is very challenging, and—like climbing a mountain—requires a fair amount of physical and mental training. It almost always makes no difference if we have an intense desire for change.Read more >

5 Trends in Channel Enablement

As the pace of digitalization accelerates, so too must channel enablement while constantly reinventing itself so that vendors and partners can keep an edge over their competitors. Every time technology has changed, the lingo and topics that enablement has focused on needed to change along with it.Read more >

The Secrets of Enablement Event Planning

Enablement event planning within large organizations can be a logistical nightmare. If you overlook or forget a tiny detail, chances are someone will complain about it. In the end, enablement event planning almost always takes a lot more time and effort than you had expected.Read more >