Make an Immediate Impression With Whiteboarding and Visuals in Your Customer Conversations

Death by PowerPoint is omnipresent. We all have experienced it at least once, and most of us tend to fall into the same trap when presenting. Whiteboarding and visual storytelling might help you to avoid the trap of boring, cumbersome PowerPoint presentations.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Death by PowerPoint

Microsoft’s PowerPoint has been around since the 1980s. No wonder that prospects and clients aren’t excited anymore when sales people pull out their slide decks. PowerPoint can be a powerful tool; unfortunately, it is often not used properly. When people create their presentations in PowerPoint they tend to rely too much on what is written on the slides. This is leading to slides packed with as much information as possible so that the presenters are reading from their slides word by word. In addition, it is a company’s reality that marketing is preparing slide decks over slide decks for sales. You might know that sometimes it is really difficult to present slides not created by yourself leading to a monotonous speaker and a lack of authenticity.

Whiteboarding & Visual Storytelling as a Sales and Presales Tactic

Whiteboarding and visual storytelling are simple presentation techniques that can help you illustrating your ideas in a simple, concrete way at different stages throughout the sales cycle.

  • Deliver a memorable presentation Whiteboarding presentations are memorable due to the fact that you address two senses – your audience’s vision and hearing. If you additionally manage to use drawings and iconography that connect to your audience’s emotions you will have indeed delivered a memorable presentation.
  • Make sure your message is effective Whiteboarding allows you to adapt your presentation’s content and pace to your audience. Since you are not bound by static slide decks, you can immediately adapt to the reactions of your audience. This is the natural way how a conversation works and, thus, a very authentic one. Whiteboarding conversations will always be customized and are not a “one-fits-all” approach.
  • Simplify complex topics Whiteboarding helps you to simplify complex topics. Since you are explaining the topic through simple hand-draws shapes and a narrated story surrounding it, you will automatically take out complexity. Your audience will find it easier to understand and memorise the topic.
  • Take control Unlike as in PowerPoint presentations where the slide deck is in control and you are just following its course, with whiteboarding you are always in control of the pace and content which is much in favor of your audience.

Integrating whiteboarding into your presentations and daily meetings is powerful and doing so could help set you apart and make your message memorable in complex selling environments. Get in contact with us when you want to integrate whiteboarding and visual storytelling as presentation mode into your sales and presales tactics.